• The Complimentary Consultation
  • Using Professional Photographs
  • The Art of the Hand Painted Portrait
  • The Masterpiece Investment
  • Oil Paintings from Your Photographs
  • A Gallery of Portrait Paintings
  • A Group or Individual Portrait Paintings
  • Time to Complete a Painting
  • Choosing Fine Portrait Frames
  • Using Picture Lighting
  • Placement of a Painting

Together, we will plan and design the portrait of your dreams!

The Complimentary Consultation

During your consultation, we will discuss the following points. Once all these items are decided, we will give you a price for your investment.
  • Who will be the subject of the painting?
  • Will Masterpiece be providing the professional photography or do you have a photographer?
  • Will the sitting be in a studio, home, office or outdoors?
  • Will this be a career painting for a corporation or institution?
  • Will this be a classic or casual painting for the home?
  • Will this be a painting created from a photograph that you already have?
  • Where are the possible locations that the portrait will hang?
  • What size wall portrait would enhance the chosen location?
  • Will you desire the picture frame and lighting provided?
  • How much will the portrait cost and what are the payment options?
Using Professional Photographs

Sitting for the portrait artist is nearly passé. LaVon has been partnering with talented photographers for over twenty-five years as a means of creating fine art portraits in oil. Photography has made it possible to have a portrait painted without the pain of long posing sessions, saving valuable time for busy executives. Energetic children benefit with precious expressions and spontaneous action by using the camera as tool. Time and travel distance are no longer major factors, which helps keep the cost down. Photography is not only convenient but can result in a more natural and expressive portrait than one painted from life. No matter where you live, you will most likely be able to work with one of LaVon’s professional colleagues. Through international photographic associations she has global contacts. You are welcome to work with your own professional photographer as well. 
The Art of the Hand Painted Portrait 

After the best photographic images of the professional portrait session are mutually chosen, a new creative process begins. LaVon evaluates the photographs and begins a process of artistic alchemy. The image plus creative changes are visualized and sketched. Not in inks or dyes on paper like a photo printer, but with the finest European oil pigments on portrait canvas. Layer after layer of paint is applied to the emerging portrait. Each oil painting is one of a kind; unique and inspired. There will never be another one like it!

“With each painting it is important for me to know my subject through different avenues including intuition and a deep heartfelt connection. Life experience, values, innocence or wisdom all come together as the details are rendered on canvas. The multiple glazes of transparent oil that I apply over a richly detailed under painting provide a dynamic intensity that can never be found the printed image.” LaVon
The Priceless Masterpiece Investment

An exquisite museum quality portrait painting has value beyond price. In fact, it is the bargain of a lifetime! Name anything else money can buy that will give you joy every day of your life, that needs no maintenance, that will last for lifetimes and allow the corporation, institution or your family and their children to enjoy their heritage in the classic form of fine art.

Although oil portraits are not within immediate reach of everyone, they are worth adding to a financial plan for the future if you cannot purchase one today. Prices begin in the $6,000 range and go higher depending on the portrait size and the detail in the painting. Each individual person in a painting has a separate charge. Sizes start at 20 x 16 and range up to 50 x 40 inches. A fifty percent retainer secures your commission. With a genuine appreciation of art and history, a Masterpiece oil painting by LaVon can be a priceless addition to your lifestyle and legacy.
Oil Paintings from Your Photographs

Memorial oil portrait paintings are created from your own images of the past. As we remember days gone by, it is often the people and even pets that touch our hearts the most. A painting on the wall reminds us every day how much they meant in our lives. Your photograph must be clear and of high quality for LaVon to use as a guide. Permission to use a professional photograph in creating an oil painting must be obtained from the maker when there is a copyright symbol © on the front or back of the photograph.

The photographic example on the right shows creative changes requested by the customer and interpreted by the artist in the colorful painting on the left.  
An Oil Portrait Gallery

Religious, governmental, educational institutions and corporations as well as families can create a gallery of a few or many oil portraits hanging together. These wall galleries are a visual record that illustrates how much we care about our heritage. Photographs from diverse sources can be painted with similar backgrounds, cropped to a pleasing size and made artistically appealing. The prestige and power of fine art in the workplace, public buildings or the home is made more meaningful through the addition of the painted portrait.
A Group Portrait or Individual Portrait Paintings

Paintings, unlike photographs, are more labor intensive as more people are included in one portrait. Each person in an oil portrait costs 50% extra. Please understand that it is nearly twice the work to paint an additional person. LaVon often recommends creating several portraits over the years for business or the family. For portraits of siblings, separate paintings will give each child their own inheritance to cherish and display when they have a home of their own.

Couples, on the other hand, are often painted together. You will never be younger than today, and NOW is the best time to make your portrait painting a reality. A great portrait artist can eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive with believability!
Time to Complete a Painting

LaVon is the sole artist at Masterpiece Portrait Painting, and may take three to six months to create your oil portrait depending on complexity and size. Extremely detailed work or large sizes can take longer, and seasonal demand may change delivery times. Paintings from existing photographs may be finished more quickly.
Choosing Fine Portrait Frames

A beautiful frame to complement your painting will add much to the impact of your original fine art. It is strongly suggested that you purchase a picture frame through Masterpiece Portrait Painting. Your precious artwork is still vulnerable when it is finished and dry to the touch since oil paint does not fully cure for up to a year. When the painting is framed in house, you know you will receive your painting in good condition.

Gold and silver leaf hardwood frames or finely finished wood or replica frames are chosen to enhance each individual painting. Plan on spending 25 to 35 percent of the price of your painting on an elegant frame. You will receive your framed painting complete with hardware and ready to mount on a wall. 
Use Picture Lighting

Never underestimate the value of picture lighting. It will bring your portrait to vibrant life by accenting all the rich colors and artistic details in a portrait. No wall painting should ever be without its own source of light. Choose incandescent, halogen, Xenon or LED lighting that can be attached to the picture frame or to a ceiling or wall above the painting. LED lighting is now considered the best type of illumination for your art work.

CAUTION! There are types of light that are damaging to paintings such as direct sunlight, florescent light, or any light source with too much ultraviolet light. Be sure to avoid this type of lighting near or shining on your art work.
Placement of a Painting

Magnificent paintings need space to give them the attention they deserve. However, a gallery of portrait paintings may be hung closely together on a large wall. When ceilings are high, hang the painting with the bottom at eye level or higher. Avoid low placement where damage might occur as it is costly to repair a painting. Try to avoid hanging your painting on a wall facing strong window light as there can be a reflected glare that interferes with daytime enjoyment. LaVon will gladly consult on placement of your art through your emailed photos of areas considered.
An Exquisite Masterpiece is a Joy Forever!

“I think a portrait in oil dramatically celebrates a person's worth. We are inspired by the fact that someone was important, interesting or loved enough to have a work of art commissioned in their honor.” LaVon

Please fill in the contact form or email to inquire about LaVon personally painting an oil portrait for you. After an in-depth phone consultation, a detailed agreement will be emailed for your review. Upon your approval, copies will be mailed for your signature. When the payment and the agreement are received, the process of creating your own personal oil painting will begin.
Art That Touches the Heart
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