Window to the Soul
I believe that Art is a window to the Soul. My greatest joy is to create Art that touches your Heart and Soul! Expressive portraits can be counted among the most intimate of all the visual arts affecting a person profoundly like a great musical composition. My goal when creating a painting is to discover the evocative spirit and distinct personality within my subject. Using a touch of alchemy, I blend brushwork with oil paint to transform the colors of the rainbow into the art I portray in that window. The depth of feeling impressed on each canvas resonates from painting more than a superficial view. Inspiration and wonder are layers brushed into the beauty of every face and figure!
Great Masters
The Dutch Masters’ lyric realism remains my supreme inspiration as an artist. The richness of the highlights countered by the deep mysteries of color that dramatize their work enchant me. Hue and tone are exhilarating while expression invites a viewer back again and again for a lingering gaze. These are qualities I strive to employ in my own paintings.

Art that Touches the Heart
Creating art that will touch your heart makes my life meaningful! It feeds a passion that keeps growing through the years. I hope that each glance or enduring look at your oil portrait touches your heart by unveiling a flood of memories and a certain yearning as a warm smile comes to your face.

Invitation to Celebrate
Anyone who is loved and respected deserves to be immortalized by a personal work of art. I invite you to celebrate your own unique heritage with a classically painted oil portrait of yourself, those who make your life most meaningful or as a tribute to honor those who have generously contributed to society. 

LaVon Alecia Westfall,

Master Artist

Art That Touches the Heart
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