An Invitation to Professional Photographers

Masterpiece Portrait Painting is pleased to join with qualified professional photographers who are interested in marketing museum quality oil portrait paintings to their clientele. If your studio is interested in a mutual partnership, contact LaVon for additional information. 
Why Would a Photographer Sell Oil Paintings?

Love! Distinction! Service! Make customers happy and they will love you. You will likely be the only photographer in your area to offer art of such distinction. The extra service of offering genuine oil portrait paintings when other photographers are only selling digital effects will set you apart. 

Masterpiece Portrait Painting expands your artistic product offering and profit potential.

Continue the Tradition of Classic Art

Your customers know your studio and appreciate you as a trusted member of the artistic community. They already admire your portraiture. People often have an unspoken desire for oil portrait paintings that they can pass on to future generations. Most are not sure whom to approach or trust for such a unique, personal and priceless piece of art. Not every town or city has an accomplished oil portrait artist to contact. Now clients can acquire genuine oil paintings from your studio knowing an accomplished artist guarantees their satisfaction. Impeccable quality and outstanding service are promised as LaVon personally paints all oil portraits from her heart with love and care.

You are invited to become a gallery partner with LaVon by selling exquisite Masterpiece Oil Portrait Paintings.
LaVon has enjoyed the honor of working with a number of the most talented professional photographers in the nation during her lifetime career as an oil portrait artist. She has earned eight degrees in the Fine Arts and countless awards. LaVon holds PPA Master Artist and Photographic Craftsman degrees. In 2001, she was named a Fellow in the prestigious American Society of Photographers. The artist’s many honors include twice being chosen PPA International Color Artist of the Year and receiving the rare PPA Diamond Pendant. Her Loan Collection prints are legion. In addition to portrait painting, she is active as a juror, writer, art instructor, and board member in numerous art and photographic associations.
Thank You, Partners!

I wish to express my deep appreciation and eternal gratitude to my colleagues. I refer to the talented professional photographers whose guiding images on these pages were indispensable in creating Masterpiece oil portraits. Our partnership reveals the beauty of our collaboration with each and every portrait painting.  
Art That Touches the Heart
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